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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    It's an awesome name.

    Satchel is not a term used much in the US. I mean really, when was the last time you heard someone say "satchel" in day-to-day conversation? People just say bag. I'm guessing the people who are thinking it's a unusable are either not American, know nothing about baseball, or know nothing about Black history. I'd wager that the average American would instantly think of Satchel Paige, not a purse.

    It doesn't say anything about Satchel. He dropped the name not because he had a problem with Satchel but because he had a problem with the person who chose it. Whether his dad had named him John or Amadeus or Beverley, he would have dropped it because he wanted nothing to do with Woody.
    I was going to say the same thing, but nat108 beat me to it.

    I have a strange soft spot for this name. I like the way it sounds. I like to say the name. I am a fan, and I can't tell you why.
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    I appreciate all of your input!

    I have never in my life said the word satchel, so when I first saw it, I loved it - I didn't even think of a "bag." There's a lot of names with different meanings. For instance, Cruz - like a cruise ship or Tom Cruise? Colby - Colby cheese? Paige - like a page in a book? And so many more! The only difference with Satchel is that you hardly ever hear it. So, how is Satchel any different than any other name?!
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    Because Satchel is not a name... And the names you bring up are completely different: Cruz is a Spanish name not related to cruise ships, Colby's a surname and Paige... okay, Paige is a stupid name, it literally means servant.
    Satchel is a bag. It's like calling your child Goblet, Sandal, Beret, Comb or Duvet. And I hear satchel all the time, it's a type of bag. But hey, if you want to call your kid Satchel go ahead!
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    I did think of the bag when i saw this, but it also reminded me of one of those American names like Trip or Track or Brick, like something Sarah Palin would call her kid. I'm not a fan.
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    Satchel will always be Satchel Pooch, the dog from the Get Fuzzy comic strip, to me. I think it had some popularity in the 70's, but it seems to carry too much baggage to be a prudent name choice today.
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