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    Unique situation. Please help!!

    Since our twins are being born via surrogate we need to make a decision prior to or right at birth. We only have a couple more weeks (at most) and we are still undecided on our baby girl's name. Help! What would you name Luca's twin sister?

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    First off congratulations on your soon to be here twins! Luca is a great name, how about:

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    Luca and Posey
    Luca and Mirabelle
    Luca and Iris

    There arent many names that don't sound great with Luca although personally I'd avoid another -a ending. Good luck with your twins!

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    Thanks for your input ladies. I am not sure if we will be able to avoid an "a" ending name as I tend to gravitate towards those. I should mention that Luca's middle name will be Michael and our baby girl's middle name will be Grace. Some we have been considering are Mila, Danica and Evangeline (nn Eva).

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