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    A Strange Request...

    I tweet a lot.

    I especially tweet about my niece whom I tend to have once or twice a week. I never, ever use her name online though.

    Today a nosy follower DM'd me asking why I always call her pretty, and don't I think she's smart too? I was a bit insulted, but replied: The smartest.

    It got me thinking, I'd been trying to decide what to call her online since she was born. I've stuck with the same nickname the whole time. It's not the sweetest nickname but it beats Pudgy Muffin which doesn't really apply now that she's older and not nearly as chubby as she was at birth.

    If she even suspects you have food you are followed around by the pattering of little feet and repetitive "nyums".

    I was thinking something food based along the lines of Peach or Milka. Any silly-ish ideas?
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    Where are you? You could call her *state* peach.
    Ex: Georgia Peach, NY Peach, Wisonsin Peach, etc. Or you could use abbreviations of the state, like AK Peach or similar.

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    Peach is so cute. Well, not as a real name, but as an Internet name it's adorable. You could also do Plum or Honeybell (it's a type of orange—really delicious).
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    I love Peach. And Nyums. :-)
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    Peach or Plum would be adorable.
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