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    Wyatt- too close to big sister's name?

    My husband and I have the worst time agreeing on names... and we found one that I think we both like- Wyatt. But I'm thinking it's probably too close to our younger daughter Violet's name. (Older daughter is Sophie.) But when I say them out loud, Violet and Wyatt sound pretty rhyming. What are your thoughts? Too close?

    The only other names that we somewhat agree on are Jack (husband's top choice but I would rather not use because of how popular it is) and Oliver (my husband is iffy on this but hasn't said no yet...).

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    Yes, I think they're too close. I do prefer Oliver and Jack with Violet and Sophie anyway.
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    They do seem to rhyme just a little too much. Oliver, Violet, and Sophie sound really cute together though, as well as Jack, Violet, and Sophie.
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    Yes, they rhyme too much. Sorry! Jack and Oliver both sound more fitting with Violet and Sophie.

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    Wyatt and Violet are way too similar. I think Oliver sounds nice. I don't know where you are, but in the US Wyatt is very popular. jack is ranked 45, Wyatt is ranked 48. Oliver is kind of high too, at 78, but I have never met an Oliver and know several Wyatts and a couple of Jacks
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