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    Beatrice Blossom sounds like a fairytale name!
    Beatrice is lovely, she's elegant and sweet. I love the upper-crust feeling of this name, I think the name just works effortlessly especially with Olivia. Olivia and Beatrice as a sister combination is fresh and pretty. I think Blossom is very cutesy and lovely similar to names like Primrose and Lavender. Beatrice Blossom does flow and sounds very sweet and fairytale like. Yet the name doesn't have a lot of strength unlike Olivia Rose which is cutesy she does have some strength as Olivia and Rose with the 'uh' ending and the grown up middle name. Maybe Beatrix Blossom, would work better because the 'x' does have a kick to the combination. Still I do like the name.

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    I love it - Beatrice and Blossom balance each other out nicely.
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    I used to know a girl named Blossom. She had a sister named Christabel.

    Blossom is a cute and quirky name for the middle spot. I think it gives the more serious Beatrice a little youthful shot in the arm. I like the Shakespearean connection between Olivia and Beatrice. If you love it, go for it!
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    Beatrice Blossom is all kinds of adorable! I don't care for BB but the full name is very sweet.
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