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    I'm going to go against the popular opinion here and say that I don't like it so much. It's ok because Blossom is in the middle spot, and I think Beatrice and Olivia go lovely together, but Blossom? It's not really my style and I find it too sugary sweet.
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    Lovely. You can't miss if you choose it.
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    I think it's fabulous! Well done!
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    Cute! Beatrice is strudy enough to have something fun as a middle name!

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    I like it well enough. It reminds me of The Powerpuff Girls, which I liked when I was 9 or so. As a word, Blossom has a positive meaning.

    I think it could work.

    Beatrice and Olivia go well together. It feels like the start of a Shakespearean themed sibset.

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