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    Thoughts on Richard?

    I've loved the name Richard for as long as I can remember and would use the nicknames Richie or Rich- not ever Dick or Dicky. Although every time I mention the name to somebody I get nothing but negative reactions which are starting to make me think twice about ever using it in the future. What do you berries generally think of the name? Is it too old fashioned and dated? And do you think people would still insist on the nicknames Dick and Dicky? Because that's really my only issue with the name. X

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    I like it. Just make the nicknames VERY CLEAR.

    Honestly, I'm not sure WHY 'Dick' is even a nickname for Richard. It's NOWHERE in the name, like how 'Jack' is a nickname for 'John.'
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    I don't think people use the nicknames Dick or Dicky anymore for obvious reasons. Richie is such a cute nickname on a little boy. I'd like to see it on someone else's child.

    Sidenote: Richard became Rick, which somewhere along the line became Dick.

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    One word: Dick.

    And yeah, I don't really get why Dick is a nickname for Richard, but he's going to be called Dick or Dicky by at least someone in his life. I've just never been a fan of Richard, or even Rich or Richie. Maybe Richmond but... I just feel like Richie is kind of a stuck up name, like Remington.
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    I doubt now days anyone would think to call a young boy named Richard Dick. Sounds slightly dated to me, but is a solid classic name.
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