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    It's not something I'd ever use but I like it with the nickname Ricky. I majorly dislike both Richie and Rich.
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    I love it. I'm considering using it in the middle position though. I don't think you should worry about potentially being called Dick or Dicky- I don't think anyone would do that anymore, at least not here. I know several Richards -Ricks, Rikkis, Riches- and they've never had their name shortened to that. And people still use William despite Willy! I think you should go for it. It'd be a shame if such a handsome, classic name was passed over because of a few stupid nicknames

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    I think the name Richard is handsome, even if it is slightly dated. I don't think anyone would call him Dick or Dicky, except maybe at school as a taunt, but how many kids even know Dick is short for Richard really anyway? I know three Richards, two go by Rich and one by Richy, though I also like the nn Rick or Ricky as well.

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    One of my cousins has a son named Richard. He has always gone by Richard or Rich. None of the kids his age think twice about it because they are unaware that Dick was ever a nn for Richard. It is a nice, solid name and if you like it, you shouldn't hesitate to use it.
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    I think it's cool, but make the nicknames clear that you'd prefer to have him get called something other than Dick or Dicky.

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