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    Favorite W Names, Beatrice/Beatrix, and My Neurosis

    What are your favorite W names for girls? I love the look and sound of the letter.

    Which do you prefer, Beatrice or Beatrix? Could it work for a sister to Caleb and Annabel?

    Inadvertently, my children have names that end in the same three letters (-leb and -bel). I drove myself crazy looking for a name that would do the same, but came to terms with it being pretty much impossible. However, I can't quite let go of using another name with a b in it somewhere. What are your favorite names containing a b? I am, at least, aware that it would be ridiculous to use a name I didn't love just because it had a b. :lol:

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    I really love Beatrice! I just can't love Beatrix. It is growing on me, but I feel warm and fuzzy when I think about Beatrice. I don't think I really have a favorite W name. I just think they are all ok.

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    My favorite W names are Wisteria, Winter, Waverly, Wren, and Winnie(mostly as a nn). I don't like Winnifred or Wilhelmina but I think the right person could turn me on to them.

    I definitely prefer Beatrix to Beatrice. I think Caleb, Annabel, and Beatrix would be nice!

    Favorite names containting the letter B:

    Ruby, Bluebell, Rainbow, Gabriella, Annabella, Arabella, Belle, Thisbe, Blue, Briar, Briar-Rose, Blossom, Bay, Blithe/Blythe, Bellatrix, and Elisabetta. That's all I can think of off of the top of my head.

    EDIT: I forgot Tabitha and Willow.
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    Favorite W names - Wisteria, Winter, and Willow. Wilhelmina has been gradually growing on me, but I could never use it since we're planning to use William for our first son.

    Beatrice/Beatrix - I personally like Beatrix better, just because I don't really like the "s" sound at the end of girls' names and "x" is such a cool letter, but with Caleb and Annabel, I think Beatrice matches better,
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    I prefer Beatrix, because of the connection to Beatrix Potter, who was one of my favourite childhood authors, and the nickname Trixie.

    I think it could easily work as a sister to Caleb and Annabel , both spellings.

    Other names with a B in are


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