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    Girl and Guy names...

    Hello! I am needing help finding just the right name for two of my characters. The first is a young girl (15-16), her father is a police officer and her mother is not in contact, she lives in chicago, born and raised. She is a singer in a band consisting of 3 guys in their twenties. She participates in recreational drug use and alcohol use. She is rebellious and constantly in trouble. The second is a man around 29 years of age. He is also a police officer. He has just recently moved to chicago from a small Tennessean town. He is a good guy who is always helping others and is very kind. He was engaged, but she died in a car accident with her secret lover before they had been married.
    For the male character, I think I like the name Sawyer, either as first or last.
    For the female character, I really have no idea what I am feeling for her name.

    So any suggestions would be awesome!

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