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    I tried this... and my 7 year old came up with mario, luigi, and picachu. Looks like he may have to stick to naming his stuffed animals. I do run names by him occasionally and he has pretty strong opinions on some of them (I suggested Orion and immediately he said "why dont you just go with Ursa Minor" - my child definitely has a good sense of sarcasm).

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    My younger sister Mikayla and I are 3 years apart, and, I was asked to help decide on an M name for her. My suggestions were Matilda, Madeline, Madison, Mackenzie + Maya. My mum and dad were actually considering Madeline and Madison, and came very close to using both, until a friend decided to name their baby girl Madison. I think, giving your child guidelines for a name, such as a shortlist, or a first letter, is a good option, and allows the child to have input. (Whether you use their suggestions or not is your final decision, regardless)

    If I had a child and were expecting, I'd give them a list of my 10 favourite first names, and ask which they liked best, or give them a letter or and ending that I liked/wanted, and let them suggest names that would fit. Whether you like your child's suggestions or not, it would make the child feel involved with the baby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    I definitely would want their input and for them to be included.

    I wouldn't let them have the final say exactly, but I would definitely want them included. If they're top choice is one I love, perfect! If it's one I can't stand, sorry kiddo, it's not happening.
    I included my eldest in naming our youngest. I asked him for suggestions for her middle name, and I absolutely fell in love with his choice. I almost made it her first name.
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    I am too into names to let one of my children choose for their sibling.... I do know families who have taken input and even had family votes when it came down to 2 names that that parents liked but couldnt decide.

    Although, we did put the name Liesl on the short list when I was pregnant with Violet because Linus would say "Baby Liesl? Baby Liesl?" (he was a little over 2 at the time) because Liesl was how he said "Diesel" and he was *obsessed* with trains/Thomas trains and "Diesel 10" was his favorite character at the time!

    When I was pregnant with Wolfgang, the kids were all old enough to "choose names" they liked when asked and understand. Bronwen *really* wanted Lola for a girl (not my style or DH's) and everyone else went back and forth depending on the day. I cant remember off the top of my head what anybody else liked (lack of sleep) but I know Bronwen was *really* into us using Lola if it was a sister.
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    Names of the baby should be easy and good to speak. My cousin name is Steve which is a simple and easy name to remember for anyone. I always like to choose English names with little meaning for my baby.

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