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    My family goes like this : I am the eldest, I have a little sister very close in age. Then there is a 5 year gap and my parents had two little boys. So I was 7-9 years old when they were born. My parents openly discussed names as a family and we would naturally give our opinions. While we children definitely didn't choose the names, our opinions were taken into account and in the case of my youngest brother my parents were rather undecided between two or three names, and our opinion probably helped them pick (my sister hated the other names).

    So I like the idea that it was a decision taken as a family. The other children feel involved in this new baby's life and it probably helps them feel responsible and closer to the baby. It is also a really cute story to tell afterwards, very special.

    That said I am obsessed with names now and I think I will find it very hard to let anyone but myself decide, but we'll have to see.

    Bottom line is, do whatever fits your family, and have fun

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