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    We did ask the twins what they'd want to call the baby and so far we've had Pooey (their favourite word right now :l), Smelly, Ed, Messy, Park, Cheese. They are only 2.5 though, haha!

    If they were older then I might ask them if they have any ideas but it's not worth it at this age!
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    @lucyyjames - Hahaha! I can see it now, Fable, Amity & Messy Ed!
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    I think that at 5, you should definitely let your daughter feel involved in naming her sibling. I wouldn't let her have the final say, but at least see which she likes best. Going from one child to two, I feel like doing anything to make her feel special and included is a great idea. My oldest was 6 when #2 came along and we asked him what he thought of the names we were considering. This time, for #3, we asked both boys what names they liked right at the beginning and then asked them which they liked best of our top 3 names. My oldest is now 9 and was helpful in choosing. He looked through baby name books with me and actually offered some good suggestions. Our youngest is 3 and only likes the name George, which wasn't an option! lol We are still a little worried that no matter what this baby's name is, Griffin is just going to call him George! I think talking about names with them, asking for their opinions on nursery decorations, letting them help pick outfits and toys and any other ways you can involve them make them feel special and make the changes of a new addition to the family easier!

    I was 2 1/2 when my brother was born. I told my mom that I wanted a sister Annie or a brother Tony. So my brother's mn is Anthony. Not too bad for a 2 year old! One of my cousins however wanted to name her little brother Michelangelo, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! It was in the mid 80's and she was about 5. She was very, very upset when her mom wouldn't go for it!
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    When my son James was born, my then 5 year old really wanted to name him Nicholas, but I told him he could name his own son Nicholas.

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    I'm not letting Nico have a say at all. Going by what he names toys, and their names change frequently enough that I lose track, it will be after some cartoon character, a friend, or a random word that he's recently learnt and has an obsession with saying. The latest of which is "park", because I've been taking him there quite a bit now we've got better weather.

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