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    Oh my! I have certainly had some fantastic chuckles from some of the ideas suggested so far, like Doofenschmirtz and Rainbow Cupcake. Too funny

    (wiping away tears of laughter) Yes, if we did this, it would only be from a shortlist of names we'd be willing to live with and that we're both in agreement on after having met the baby. e.g. maybe we'd say she could choose from among Thomas, Jack and Charlie, names we already know she likes and we like.

    I should also mention our child is 5, and very conservative in her tastes - she tends to suggest names of her classmates that are in the top 10, like Aidan, Dylan and William.

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    My oldest daughter picked the middle name for my youngest daughter. It was a name we were tossing around but I didn't want to use it as her first name for various reasons. Then my oldest suggested that we use it as her middle name and my husband and I really liked this. She had lots of suggestions for first names like Madeline, Genevieve. Her taste in girl names is very nice. If my youngest had been a boy though, she would have wanted to name him Spiderman. Her current favorite boy name is "Toke." She came up with this one all on her own. She's a creative namer when it comes to boys...

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    I know someone who named her younger sister after her imaginary friend; her parents liked the suggestion, so they used it. I don't think it caused a lot of problems for them, but it certainly ruined her imaginary friend. Ha.

    Using a shortlist is a good idea if you really want your child to have input, but from my perspective, they'll get their chance to name their own children if they choose to have any. And it's a bit of a burden to put on a kid (if they choose to see it that way), since names are so important.
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    I was 3.5 when my brother was born, and I distinctly remembering discussing baby names with my parents...however, I think I was only asked because my mother wanted to name him Kyle, and my dad wanted to name him Austin. I told them I liked Kyle better - and that's what they went with, however, I don't think I was the deciding factor there.
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    My other children are much older than my youngest (they range from 18 to 8 on the evens ) and it somewhat backfired. Each of them had their favorite from the list we gave them and a few of the strong willed ones are still calling her by what they would have chosen! Much less now than when she was first born thankfully, but this time I think we'll just decide and then tell them! As one of 8 they all have to be willing to answer to almost anything - even dog names from time to time - so I guess there's no harm done
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