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    I think letting children have some input is great and letting them choose from a small final list is ok too if you really love every name on that list and wouldnt mind which one they chose but I would never in a million years hand over all naming responsibilities to a child. If this was the case a friend of mine would have had baby 'lightpost' thanks to her 5yr old! I have heard a story of another couple letting their son choose, they now have another son named 'Beema'

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    I think it depends on the age of the child and the situation. The last thing I would want to do is let the child think they got to pick and were disappointed/ended up resenting the new baby because it didn't have the name they wanted. If they came out with a good suggestion that we liked (unasked for) I might consider it as a middle or something. If we were really caught between two names, I might ask the child which one they like better (not mentioning it as being for the new baby). I wouldn't want my hypothetical two year old naming her sister 'Rainbow Fairydust' or brother 'Bumface Smellypoo', but an older, school-age child I might use to gage popularity/potential issues with the name, like if there's some popular cartoon character by the name I wasn't aware of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I wouldn't let my child choose their siblings' names. That's a decision for the parents to make, although I have nothing against the idea of taking input from older siblings.

    When we were naming our daughter, if I had used my son's suggestion, our daughter would have been Doofenschmirtz or PhineasandFerb, regardless of gender.
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    I think that would be cute! The older child would probably develop a deeper connection to the younger one.

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    In my country, this is common. Parents chose names easy to pronounce by they older children, but I think this is silly. Children will be able to pronounce all names in few years. I once discussed with person whose mother try to persuade her to name younger child Ana (Ah-nah, I think), because that's the only names older child could say.

    Also, they include older child in discussion.
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