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    I've "ruined" a few names that I really like, by giving them to characters who are..not exactly good girls. Sabine, in particular.
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    Yeah, I did that with one of my recent characters unintentionally. I named her Helena for it's meaning, a name I'd never been particularly fond of, but then as she developed and I really came to love her character I also came to love her name. So if I used it, which at this point I'd LOVE TO (Helena is just such a nice, soft, elegant, beautiful name), I'd literally be naming my daughter after a figment of my imagination.

    Which probably wouldn't speak too well for my perception of reality...
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    I won't name characters any of my favourite names because then I wouldn't be able to use them on any kids I had. That would just be weird. Especially if my books end up published.

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    That's why I always use the name listed under "don't love but don't mind." I never use names I love.

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    I have thought the same thing! I usually tend to use names that I would most likely not choose for a future child, but as I continue to write I grow to love the names not old as the characters themselves, but as potential usable names. If any of my novels were to be published and I honestly do love the names (regardless of if they have already been used to name a character) I would use it. But, aas, there is a small part of me that will always think of that name as a character (well, a real person that I've created) and that I would hope that everytime I look at my child or say or write their name I would not automantically think of my character, ut rather my son or daughter.
    Sorry if all of this was more of my personal opinion than anything else. Hope it helped out though!

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