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    sister for 3 big brothers

    Hello all! Just for fun, I wanted to know what girl names you think would go with her big brothers' names. We finally decided on a name for baby #3. I have a few more weeks to kill before he gets here and I guess my mind is already wondering to what we would name a baby girl if we have a 4th. My sweeties are Carter (9), Griffin (3) and Emmett (will be here soon). The boys all have a 2 syllable fn and 3 syllable mn. Our ln is one syllable, so sticking with 2/3/1 seems to flow best. Thanks bunches!
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    First ones that popped into my head were: Clara (although not sure if you would care that one of your son's has a C name), Alice, Natalie (even though that's three syllables), Lily, Violet, Iris,

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    My first thought was Hadley. Perhaps Hadley Caroline.
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