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    missusaytch Guest
    I like them all but Margot. I know I'm in the minority, but I find Margot very unappealing.

    Penelope I am also not super fond of. I just hear it too much anymore.

    Caroline is very classy and elegant and sweet. I love the nn Coco, but there are a ton of nicknames you could use. It goes well with your son's name, too.

    Genevieve is great. I don't hear it enough. Also several good nicknames, especially Genna and Vie.

    Evangeline is also gorgeous. My favorite nn is Eva but again there are several you could use.

    Some combos I like:

    Genevieve Alice
    Evangeline Alice
    Caroline Alice
    Caroline Victoria
    Penelope Margaret
    Penelope Catherine
    Margot Victoria

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    Margot Victoria
    Penelope Alice

    Genevieve is my favorite, but I don't see a short MN that I think works well here.

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    Genevieve is my favorite!
    Mommy to beautiful Lilah

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    fiammetta Guest
    I love Genevieve, Evangeline and Margot!

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