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    On my screen it Alexander is appearing as Al3xand3r; is my computer defective or is it really like that??

    I love Leo, its so cute and I love the "o" sound at the end; vowel heavy names are just so awesome to me.

    I personally have loved Margot for so long, but with Leo having that same ending, It'd be kind of matchy. So other than Margot, I really like Penelope, which I also think would be cute with Leo. Penelope Victoria and Leo Alexander would be awesome; both charming, youthful first names with strong, traditional middle names. Genevieve and Evangeline are just too stuffy next to Leo, and Caroline just doesn't sound as awesome as Penelope with Leo.
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    My favorites...

    Leo & Caroline
    Leo & Penelope (Nell)
    Leo & Genevieve (Evie)

    I also love the name Margot, but don't like how it sounds with Leo, and Evangeline is a bit too princessy for me personally...
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    Thanks for the replies! Seems like you guys have some of the same concerns I do about these name, although I do love all of them.

    I feel like Caroline is a little too boring and expected. Margot is too matchy with Leo. Penelope is a trendy and getting too popular. Genevieve doesn't have many nicknames and I'm worried it's not spunky enough next to Leo. Evangeline is a bit too frilly with Leo.

    *Sigh* ! I'd really appreciate more feedback!

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    While I love Margot, it's the one I would rule out due to the same ending sounds. Any of the others would be great. I actually love Genevieve for its nickname potential. Gen, Ginny, Eve, Evie, Vivi, Viv, Neve. Are you set on a longer name with nicknames, or are you open to shorter names? I think Phoebe, Daphne, Blythe, Ada, Stella, Emme, Cecily, Vivian, Ruby, and the like would be fabulous with Leo.
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    I like shorter names but my husband does not. He likes longer names for girls. Blythe is one of my favorites!

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