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    I agree with the others saying Langley. Madden, personally for me, is quite a masculine name. If the second daughter has a more feminine sounding name, people will think you have two sons and a daughter. Maybe that does not concern you.

    Some other ideas...


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    Amen to above posters. Although I'm not a fan of Langley otherwise. But Everleigh is too feminine to put with other daughter Madden.

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    Maize - Is this pronounced as the corn, or as Maisie? I'd advise against this as she'd have the exact same initials (M.L.L.) as your older daughter. Have you considered Maize Esther instead?
    Breslin - I like the nn Breeze, it's cute, but Breslin reminds me too much of the actress Abigail Breslin really. It does fit in quite well with your sibset, the -lin ending is quite trendy at the moment, but it does make it seem more feminine as it's got the same ending as other popular girl names (Caitlin, Madelyn, Jocelyn etc) so a Breslin wouldn't stick out too much.
    Langley - I've never heard this as a name before, but again it's got a popular feminine ending to it (Carly, Hayley etc). I'm not so sure on the 'lang' sound though, it's quite harsh to me. Langley Lutze is a bit 'l' heavy to me as well.
    Everleigh - See Langley for the ending, but I do prefer Ever- to Lang-. Again, not sure if Everleing Liberty Lutze is a bit 'l' heavy, though I don't think it's as bad as Langley as Liberty won't be used much, and Everleigh Lutze is less heavy than Langley Lutze.

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