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    Although I feel like most real "berries" tend to want to stay far far away from the top 100, I do see a lot of people posting using the top names like Charlotte and Sophia an awful lot still. And then there are those who really are in search of something a little more obscure. I think it's a mixed bag for sure. But I do agree that those who've never set foot on nameberry tend to just pick one or two from the top 50 and call it a day.
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    Thanks, all - this was basically my sense of things. I was just taken aback by those top ten lists, because it seems to me that on a site of name nerds there should be more individuality, I guess. But probably there are similar traits that draw certain like-minded people to these boards. I'm sort of holding my breath until the social security list comes out next month to finally settle on our choice - so I just keep noticing if/when the names we like show up in posts and threads and (minorly) freaking out

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