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Thread: Elias?

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    Elias and Milo are my favorites from your list by far, and since you can't use Milo, Elias wins for me! I do like the short form Eli, but I like Elias enough to use it without a nickname at all.

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    Elias Leopold is also my favorite! I wouldn't use a nickname either as there are a lot of boys answering to Eli these days.

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    My three year old is Elias Peter. He goes by Eli almost exclusively. I also call him Li (pronounced "lie") but that wasn't intentional, it just developed organically.

    It's a great name! He loves it. When we were talking about what to name his sister, I told him about all the names we considered for him (Silas, Ezra, Judah, John) and he said he likes his name best.

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    Your entire list is so incredibly handsome!
    Because I learned how to read in german before I did in english, I have a tendency to want to pronounce names the "german" way so if you pronounced Elias Eh-lee-as instead of E-lie-us then nn Lias (Lee-us) is great too.

    My first inclination was Elias Theodore but by mixing and matching your list Elias Leopold(o) (nn Ee-lo) or Henry Elias (nn Helius/Helias?) stand out.
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