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Thread: Elias?

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    I knew an Elias who went by Ellie.
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    Elias Leopold would be my first choice from your list. None of the others are workable, to my mind.

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    I really like Elias but I'm not keen on it for a first name. I think Elias Henry is lovely!

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    I love Elias. In fact, it's my fav. boys name... but my nephew is named Eli, and the DH has also vetoed it. :'(. From your list, I also love Darius (another fav that the DH vetoed), and Quentin. They're all masculine, vintage, and will age quite well. As a combo, my fav from your list is Elias Henry. Elias Jude and Elias Keane are my fav combos. Congrats!
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