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    Lightbulb Time Machine

    Ever wonder what your name would have been in another era? Step into the time machine and find out!

    1) Write out your first and middle names & the year of your birth.

    2) Go to and enter your birth year and select Top 1000 Popularity.

    3) Find your names on the list and take note of their popularity rankings. If your name is not listed, choose another name with a similar sound or spelling.

    4) Enter another year (your choice) and find the same popularity rankings. These are your new names.

    For example:

    My name is Madeleine Jean and I was born in 1990. In 1990, Madeleine was ranked #577. Jean was ranked #772.

    My new year is 1890. In 1890, Philomena was ranked #577. Gillie was ranked #772.

    Have fun!

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