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    My likes from your list in order:

    Ennis - Haven't heard this in ages but I do like it. NEVER would have thought of EEnnis pronunciation. Really nice with Willa!
    Henry - Willa and Henry sound good together. And Henry is a classic.
    Lewis - Like the name better with the spelling Louis. I think its due for a revival!

    I do love the name Charles but don't know any Charles nicknames I like. I do like Charles and Willa together though.

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    I can't actually imagine problems with Ennis. If you love it, use it.

    Otherwise, my favorite from your list is Louis (spelled that way, not Lewis). Willa and Louis--both nice strong classic Germanic names.

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    Thank you all so much for your replies! It's so helpful to hear your thoughts. I agree that the Willa/Henry combo is compelling! I'm glad to know most of you didn't go to a bad place with Ennis!

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    I wouldn't do Ennis. I do love Henry and I adore Nicholas. Nico as a nn is unique where I love, and I really, really like this option. Willa and Nico, Willa and Henry. You can't go wrong...although my heart is totally swooning for Nico!

    Good luck!

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    My favorite from your list is Lewis, spelled this way (obviosly i'm in the minority there though) but I also love Charles (I've not met a young charles and I'm often around kids so I don't think this is too popular) and Walter (my gpa's name <3 )
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