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    You're correct...he doesn't like any from my list. I added Cora and Carys thinking he would like them because of the "c" sound and that they are short but he still didn't like them. I also LOVE "e " names for girls for some reason so even though they are close to Eila, I would still use them if he agreed.

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    I think if he doesn't like any of your names you need to keep looking. (That said, I have a deep fondness for Grace as a first name. I only find it boring as a middle name. Gracie is an adorable nn, too)

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    Don't give in!! Claire is a great name but odd since it's a sister's middle name too. I think Cora is the perfect name for your 3rd, LOVE IT.

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    Well, I feel for you. I was in a similar situation. I love the name we ended up with, but it wasn't my first choice by a mile. It was literally the only name I offered that he agreed to.

    I love the name Grace. I don't find it boring at all. BUT, I think both parents have to love the name. I personally love Elise from your list. If he doesn't love it, you should keep looking at other names. It isn't fair for him to get all the say, though. Let us know if Nymbler gives you any success.

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