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    I agree: Grace is boring and overused, but is a really lovely middle name. You shouldn't repeat a name already given another child, even in the middle, so the pretty Claire is out. And Candace is really dated.

    The names on your list aren't exactly "out there"--especially if you're already got an Eila (but Elena, Elaine, and Elise are rather too close to Eila).

    However, rather than just assert the material prerogtive (I birth her, I name her), perhaps fish around a little to see if you can figure out why he's rejecting Cora but liking Candace. That will help you maybe work toward some compromise options.

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    Grace is a lovely name, but don't give in if you think you can find something that you both love! I would use Grace as a middle name. I agree not to use Claire again.

    I assume Hubby doesn't like any of the names from your list? Not Carys? It sounds like he likes short, hard vowel names and you also like short names, but some soft sounding (I'm seeing a lot of Es)
    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtucker View Post
    How about a double barrel name, like Mira Grace or Emilia Grace as the first name, then both of you win!
    I'm with this completely! (Then again, I'm a fan of the double name in general.) Emilia Grace was what I was thinking too. Call her Emmy Grace!

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    Thanks for your thoughts everyone!

    Im going to check out the nymbler suggestion and see if we can agree on something. The only one I would consider is Grace...I just don't want to be stuck with something forever that I'm not in love with. (But the same can be said from his side as well.)

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    I don't go for the whole "I don't have to compromise on names because I'm the one giving birth."

    If you like Grace and he loves Grace and he doesn't like any of the names on your list, I would give it some serious thought. Grace is lovely. Have you asked him why he's so stuck on it? That might endear you to the name more or give you a direction to find a compromise name. Also possible you may have to scrap your lists and start fresh to find something that makes you both happy. In my opinion, having a name that both parents are happy with is far more important than whose name "wins."
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