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    Should I give in to DH or keep pushing my names?

    My husband is stuck on three names: Candace, Grace, and Claire.

    I do not like Candace at all. Claire is already used as another daughters middle name.
    Grace is simple, sweet, classic and goes well with sibset but I find it a little too normal and prefer it as middle name. We're having our third child...he named #1 (Jack William) , I named #2 (Eila Claire) so now we have to compromise. Baby is due is 3 days!

    Should I give in and just name her Grace (since I do like it) or continue to fight it out? Anyone experience the same situation? My list is below if it makes a difference.

    Elise, Mira, Emilia, Cora, Elena, Carys, Elaine

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