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    Raine, Sunshine, and Rainbow: Name Coincidences

    I find that wherever I go, I find strange coincidences in people's names.

    In my own family, when my parents were naming my sister, they looked for something traditional to go with my name, Madeleine. Finally they settled on Barbara. Years later, I discovered that the author of the children's book "Madeline" named the main character after his oldest daughter, Madeleine. His second daughter was named Barbara.

    When my best friend moved to college, some of the first people she met in her dorm were named Raine, Sunshine, and Rainbow-- all weather names at a school devoted to ecology studies.

    Have you ever experienced a name coincidence?

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    Both my brother and I have names with Gaelic meanings that relate to 'hill'. The name of my mom's hometown is a Native American term that means 'tall hills'. My parents didn't know meanings of our names when they chose them, they just liked the sound

    My name in Sanskrit means 'star'. Together my first and middle names mean 'Christmas Star'. Based on my birthday, I was conceived in late December/early January. Of course my parents knew I was conceived during the holidays but they had idea that they were giving me a holiday name.

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    My brother's name is Elijah, and our surname is Ellis, which is a form of Elijah. My parents didn't know that when he was born. (They only found out because I'm such a name nerd. lol) So technically, my brother's name is Elijah Elijah. lol
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    Girls: Emmanuelle, Frederica, Jayne, Juliet, Lauren, Mary, Molly, Nora, Raffaela, Stella.

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    I have a cousin that is Pierce Pierre both of which are variations of Peter. And my mom's name is Roxanna Dawn. Roxanna means Dawn in Persian so she's Dawn Dawn.

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