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Thread: Keziah

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    I don't like it much, I'm afraid. I seem to naturally gravitate away from "K" names and I find this one quite harsh and clunky. Sorry.

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    I know a young girl name Keziah her name is pronounced keh-ZIE-ah. If you don't like that pronunciation spelling it Kezia would be a good solution
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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    I also have Ketzia on my list, reflecting the Hebrew pronunciation of keh-tzee-uh. (BTW as far as "the real Biblical pronunciation!" arguments go, ZYE doesn't seem supported...)

    Kezzy is cute but for Ketzia I favour Kitty. Can't decide if that's TOO cute, though.
    I've thought about that as well. When I'm unsure about a Hebrew name I tend to look for Hebrew sources. I want to know the authentic pronunciation and then go from there. I saw Keziah's pronunciation written as somthing close to ke-tzi'a which is why I didn't just flat out assume I'd been pronuncing the name wrong for years.

    I love the nickname Kitty, and I never would have paired it with Keziah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkballerina View Post
    I don't like it much, I'm afraid. I seem to naturally gravitate away from "K" names and I find this one quite harsh and clunky. Sorry.
    No reason to say sorry. It was an opinion question. I'd be fooling myself if I only wanted the positive opinions!

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    I have a 20 month old daughter called Keziah Clementine. I really love her name. I wanted old-fashioned, unusual, but not wacky. We pronounce it Kez-EYE-ah and honestly, I'd never heard of it pronounced Ke-ZEE-ah till I looked it up on Nameberry! I am in Australia and begging to differ with one of the other commenters on this thread, I suspect that the Ke-ZEE-ah pronunciation is more of an American thing. Having said that, its really very uncommon here and most people say 'sorry, what is it?' when I tell them our baby is called Keziah. Also being honest, I can also tell that most people don't like it either - which kind of makes is a maverick name to me and so I like it even more! I knew of it as my partner has an old friend with the name and since my little girl was born, I discovered one of my friends has a niece called Kaziah as well (diff. spelling but pronounced the same way as my daughter and she is in England). Our daughter's nickname is Kizzie, which was a big part of why we went for it too - seems old world and cute to me and I'm very into grandma/old-time names. Our first daughter, who is 4, is called Odessa Lux. We also chose Odessa because it's a very seldom used name that had a bit of popularity a century or so ago. In contrast to poor little Keziah though, it seems almost everyone who meets our eldest loves her name! I feel adamantly though, that you have to chose a baby name because YOU love it, regardless of what anyone else may think. Good luck! x

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