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Thread: Keziah

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    This is one of my favorite names from the Bible, pronounced keh-ZYE-uh.

    Keziah Jones, which is a male singer, pronounces it this way.

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    I love it! If my best friend hadn't claimed it, it would be top of my list!
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    I know few Keziahs, all pronounced Keh-zee-uh. I like it.
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    I adore this name, I fell in love with it after reading a book with the main character named Keziah several years back, though I don't know if I would ever use it. I pronounce it Kez-EYE-uh, though I've never met anyone with the name or heard it said, it was just my teenage self trying to work it out while reading the book. I think the nn Kezzy is rather adorable as well. I don't mind the KEH-zee-uh pronunciation, it just feels a bit more forced for me to say it that way.

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    I prefer keh-zee-uh over ZYE too. I have run into Kezias and Keziahs who say it our preferred way - that seems to be the more common pronunciation in UK and Australia. (I'm in Australia).

    I am currently leaning towards, however, maybe Kezia being easier for people to get right, instead of hitting the hard EYE-ah when they see -iah?

    I also have Ketzia on my list, reflecting the Hebrew pronunciation of keh-tzee-uh. (BTW as far as "the real Biblical pronunciation!" arguments go, ZYE doesn't seem supported...)

    Kezzy is cute but for Ketzia I favour Kitty. Can't decide if that's TOO cute, though.

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