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    *Hazel- I really like Hazel. I think it's adorable
    *Luella- Eh...
    *Nellie- Meh...
    *Della- This one's nice! You definitely don't here it everyday, and it's refreshing among all of the Ella's out there
    *Mabel- Love Mabel!! One of my favorites
    *Mabelline- I love the way it sounds, but I think it's too connected to Maybelline Cosmetics for use today.
    *Gladys- I don't want to offend anybody, but it's always been my #1 least favorite name.
    *Thelma- To me it sounds like somebody with a speech impediment is trying to say Velma.
    *Opal- Love!!!
    *Constance- Not a fan
    *Elva- It's kind of badass.
    *Betty- It's okay. Beatrix or Beatriz would be a nice way to get Betty as a nn. Is Bedelia too much of a stretch??

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