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    Hazel: Love!
    Luella: Great name, doesn't even sound old!
    Nellie: Doable - it's not uncommon.
    Della: Adorable!
    Mabel: Doable.
    Mabelline: I wouldn't use it because of the makeup.
    Gladys: Not my style at all.
    Thelma: Belongs in a nursing home.
    Opal: Would be very pretty with a more current name.
    Constance: Ick.
    Elva: Sounds too much like Elvis to me.
    Betty: Bette would be my favorite way to get there.

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    Hazel- this is far too mainstream now, for it to be old lady. It's still very pretty, in my eyes, though I prefer it in the middle.
    Luella- Very cute, borderline too cute. Not sure I can see Dr Luella.
    Nellie- the Elephant. Too easily teased. Nell with Nellie as a family nn is much nicer.
    Della- Does nothing for me, but I really like Adela.
    Mabel- Like it.
    Mabelline- No.
    Gladys- I feel like -is names will be in the next wave of old lady names to come back around, I much prefer Mavis or Doris to Gladys though.
    Thelma- Like it, surprisingly.
    Opal- Like it.
    Constance- Love it!
    Elva- Neutral.
    Betty- I'm fond of Beatrice nn Betty.

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    The only ones I really like are Hazel, Della, Mabel, Opal and Constance. The rest are a little too old lady for my personal taste. My favorite is probably Della. Since names like Stella and Bella are so popular it feels to me like a fresh take on that trend!

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    I love Nellie, Della, and Betty. However, I wouldn't personally choose any of those names. I just think they are cute. I really dislike Thelma and Gladys.

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    I like Hazel, Mabel, Opal, and Constance. I think they are all useable and classic. Watch out for the nickname Connie with Constance though!

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