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    I also think everything on the list is usable except Thelma, Gladys, and Maybelline. Maybelline is so pretty, except I feel like she would get a lot of "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline" jokes once other girls discovered makeup.
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    I think most of those are usable, really.

    I'd avoid using Gladys, Thelma, and Mabelline.

    Gladys and Thelma are still a bit too dated. Mabelline I'd avoid because of the makeup brand Maybelline, not that it's not a lovely name. It's just one of those things.

    As for Betty, if Elias had been a girl his name would've been Beatrice nn'd either Birdie, Betsy or Betty. So, that's my route.

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    I love Constance so much. Luella is cute as a button. Hazel is very sweet, but I don't really see the appeal in the others. Besides Betty, of course, Beth and Elisabetta.
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    Hazel : I like it, it's very usable.
    Luella : A bit of a tongue twister, I don't think it's very usable.
    Nellie : I named my favourite cow at my grandparents' farm this when I was a child. So I like this name
    Della : I prefer Nella which is more usable in my opinion.
    Mabel : I would say it's dated but I know a little girl with this name, she can't be older than 4. Definitely a brave choice.
    Mabelline : too close to the makeup brand.
    Gladys : not very usable.
    Thelma : brings to mind Thelma and Louise, so not very usable in my opinion.
    Opal : a brave choice, but why not
    Constance : Well I find it usable but I'm french and it's not unusual in France. It might be more so in an english-speaking country.
    Elva : not very usable.
    Betty : I find it old-fashioned, but to each their own. My favourite way to get to the nickname would be good old Elizabeth.

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    I have a post about Beatrice right now and I would call her Betty or Bette so that would get my vote!
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