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Thread: Twin girls

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    Twin girls

    Hi I'm due any day with twin daughters and still don't have names decided on. My husband chose the name Isabel. It was his only suggestion and he's stuck on it so.... Now I need to decide on my second daughters name. I like names with cute nicknames (Josie, Ellie, etc) but that isn't mandatory. I like the name Althea (nn thea) or rosalie (nn rosie) also it should go well with Isabel (nn izzy or belle) as we will probably be saying their names together. I don't like rhymey or overly matchy twin names though. I like old fashiony names. Not too fond of names with made up spellings. Dont like overly popular names. Anyways would appreciate your suggestions or any thoughts on the names Althea or Rosalie. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I like Isabel and Rosalie! Rosy and Izzie is cute, or Rose and Belle... though maybe that's a bit too Beauty and the Beast? I like it, anyway.

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    I agree with the previous poster. I adore Isabel and Rosalie as sisters, especially if you pronounce Rosalie ROZZ-a-lee instead of ROSE-a-lee. As nicknames I would go for Rosie and Sable.

    Alternatively, what do you think of Rosamund? It's a classic and a little less sweetly than Rosalie.
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    I like both Rosalie and Althea. Both sound cute with Isabel. I think the nns Rosie and Izzy are cute but I also like Izzy and Ally together. At first when I saw Isabel and Rosalie together I thought of Twilight, but if you're not planning on using Bella as a nn then I don't think it would be a big deal. Either way you go their names will sound beautiful together.
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    They both go beautifull with Isabel. I would maybe lean toward Thea...BUT I like Rosy too. I like the nn better than the full names!

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