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    I was raised on a large farm and grew up with two graveyards and a gravesite on the property: one for the workers, one for the family, and a traveller girl's gravesite.

    When I was very young I remember going through the names on the stones. One that I remember was a Tiffany from the 1800s. I had a classmate named Tiffany at the time so it stuck.

    The traveller girl has a gravemarker of irises. The name Iris reminds me of her now. It's a positive association though.

    Otherwise, I love taking a walk though a cemetery. The names are almost always interesting. I also like to take a moment to look at their ages and how old they are when they died and if any more information is given.

    If I see a grave with a young child I sort of mark it off my lists. It may be silly, but I am a bit superstitious about naming a child after someone who died young. Not that I actually know those people. It just feels like tempting fate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    @sweetiebeerose - The word cemetery. It's spelled cemetery, not cementary.
    thanks im glad theres someone here to point out my every typing error.
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    I take an occasional stroll through different cemeteries. I really only look to see how old the tombstone is, not to see what names are on them. There are some unique names though.

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