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Thread: I feel crazy!

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    I like Keira, and could see her being Ella's sister. Having the same ending irks me, too, so I understand your reservation. I adore Maxine, but only this spelling. I don't think I've heard anyone say maxi-pad in over a decade. It's always just pads. I think the first thing most would think of is a maxi dress. Ava is rather popular, but there will never be another Jennifer. The naming pool is so much wider today, that even the #1 names aren't anywhere near as popular as they once were. There's a great write-up about it over at babynamewizard .com. Brynn is lovely, as well. It might help to take each name out on a test drive for a day, and see which sticks. If you're wanting other suggestions, I love Ruby with Ella as others have suggested. Congratulations and best of luck!
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    Maxine is a nice name, but I would never spell it Maxeene. She will probably be called "Max" most of the time. I am sure at some point she would hear "Maxi-pad" but I don't think it would be an intolerable level of teasing.

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    So helpful and insightful, greatly appreciated!

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    I like Maxi and think it fits well with Ella. I don't think anyone calls it a "maxi pad" anymore so I wouldn't worry about that connotation. Ava is extremely popular! What about Macy? Similar to Maxi without the feminine product connotation.

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    I second Ella and Ruby. I also like Livia, Clara, Fiona, Lilly, Maeve, Opal, and Quinn with Ella. I am not a fan of the nickname Maxi - it is the nickname of Jessica Simpson's daughter and it made me chortle (not a good thing) the first time I heard it - all I think of is maxi-pad.

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