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  • Toby (Tobias?) Brooks

    20 43.48%
  • Toby (Tobias?) Jace

    1 2.17%
  • Braxton Tobias

    4 8.70%
  • Braxton Wayne

    1 2.17%
  • Everett Brooks

    18 39.13%
  • Everett Tobias

    14 30.43%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megc1001 View Post
    Thank you!! I do love the connection with Toby it's just hard for me to imagine using it as a first name, possibly because I don't hear it often anymore. I know of a Braxton and Ryker (not close enough for me to not be able to use them) both 5 and under so it's just more unheard if where I live I guess. Jayce has a connection as my DH grandfathers middle name is Jay (we weren't so fond of just Jay so we went with Jayce) and Wayne is my DH mn....his suggestion to use - but I liked something that tied to both of us instead of just one of us...which is how Brooks came in along with Toby. Braxton was my favorite name for about 8 years now and Ryker is my husbands pick...this naming thing is so hard, lol!!
    Well, if that's the case, that would push me closer to Toby, anyway! It's less used, it would be more special. To me, anyway. Toby's very stylish and cool. Ryker and Braxton are quite trendy, but Toby's awesome! I would love to meet a Toby. I think Toby Wayne would be lovely, I hope to incorporate my future husband's name in my first son's name, I think it's a lovely gesture. You can always honor your side with a second child, unless you are having only one? In that case, maybe you could do two MNs? One for your side, one for his?
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    I love Toby and Tobias! I really dislike Braxton and Ryker. They seem very trendy. Toby is fantastic.

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    I would LOVE to see October or Tobias as a first name, with Toby as a nickname! I think Brooks is a fine middle name choice and that it goes well with any of the Toby varieties. I dislike the other names quite a bit... especially Jayce and Braxton.

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    Another vote for October or Tobias as the first name!

    As for the other names: Wayne and Brooks are okay. Jayce and Ryker I don't like at all. And I've no opinion on Braxton.
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    I love Toby Brooks! I like the name Toby in general, and I love that it has a connection for you that isnt sooo obvious unless you choose to explain it. I also like Braxton, but I don't like Wayne. Ryker Jayce is just... I don't know. Too complicated. Too many strangely spelled harsh sounds together I suppose.
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