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  • Toby (Tobias?) Brooks

    20 43.48%
  • Toby (Tobias?) Jace

    1 2.17%
  • Braxton Tobias

    4 8.70%
  • Braxton Wayne

    1 2.17%
  • Everett Brooks

    18 39.13%
  • Everett Tobias

    14 30.43%
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    Help with picking a boy name!!

    My DH and I have come up with 3 names that we like, each name has at least 1 part with a meaning, but we can't pick "the one" I'm not set on the combinations we have so I am open to other suggestions. The names are Toby Brooks, Braxton Wayne or Ryker Jayce. Also, as for Toby, I'm unsure about it as a first name but I got Toby from October (Tober part) as my DH and I got engaged one October, married in october the following year and pregnant another October. If anyone has a suggestion for how to use Toby or another possibility that would work for October please post!! Thanks

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    Honestly, I'd go with October Brooks or October Wayne and use the nickname Toby. I really dislike Braxton and Ryker, they just sound so harsh and unappealing to me. Jace is okay but the Y ruins it for me. October nn Toby is really handsome and would have sentimental value for you, so I'd recommend that.
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    Honestly, I love Toby, and the connection to so many significant Octobers! I think it's great. I personally don't care for Brooks as a MN, and would opt for something else, but I do really love Toby! Good luck!
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    Thank you!! I do love the connection with Toby it's just hard for me to imagine using it as a first name, possibly because I don't hear it often anymore. I know of a Braxton and Ryker (not close enough for me to not be able to use them) both 5 and under so it's just more unheard if where I live I guess. Jayce has a connection as my DH grandfathers middle name is Jay (we weren't so fond of just Jay so we went with Jayce) and Wayne is my DH mn....his suggestion to use - but I liked something that tied to both of us instead of just one of us...which is how Brooks came in along with Toby. Braxton was my favorite name for about 8 years now and Ryker is my husbands pick...this naming thing is so hard, lol!!

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    Honestly, Braxton makes me think of Braxton Hicks contractions and with Ryker I don't know whether to pronounce it RIH-ker or RYE-ker.

    I think Toby is a great name! Friendly and underused. If you're not sure about it as a full name, what about something like Tobin or Tobias or Tobiah

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