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    Too-close sibsets

    It bothers me when parents choose names that are too close, in either sound or origin, for multiple children. This week I met sisters named Olivia and Lily. I didn't particularly care for that combination for some reason, maybe because of the slightly similar sounds within the names. But then I heard that they had a younger sister named Lilah. I can't imagine naming sisters Lily and Lilah. And when you add Olivia to the mix, the group is just too close for my liking.

    Which sibsets have you encountered that you consider too close?
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    My niece and nephew are Madyson & Mason, I feel like their names are way too close for comfort.
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    I don't mind sibsets with the same origin or meaning (like Carys and Lloyd, or Lior and Kiran), or even some starting with the same initial (Olivia and Owen or Fiorella and Finn). I'm also fine with most sibsets where both are the same name, like Elizabeth and Isabel, Greta and Maisie or Caitlin and Kaja.

    But some names are just silly. Madison and Mason were the top names for B/G twins in 2011, and several other pairs were bestowed Isaiah and Isabella, Emma and Ella, Heaven and Nevaeh, Taylor and Tyler, Isaac and Isaiah and even Ayden and Jayden!

    Personally, I know a Mabel and a Mason- which is way to close IMO. I also know a sibset of Evelyn, Olivia, Grace and Ellen, and while all are great names, Evelyn and Ellen are too close for sisters.
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    Emma and Ella, Mackenzie and Mackenna, Kensington and Remington, Isabella and Gabriella, Persephone and Seraphina, Joyce and Jason... I know twins Valeria and Angelina nn Lerie and Lina. I think they are very close, don't know if too much though.

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    Same origin is not a problem for me. It's a bigger issue when they sound too similar. Like on Teen Mom there are twins named Aliannah (nn Ali) and Aleah, and their mom's name is Leah. *puke*
    I know a set of twins in real life named Emma and Emily. No, just no.
    I just feel like the possibilities with names are endless (especially for girls) and parents get way too cutesy sometimes by giving their kids rhyme-y names instead of getting more creative with individual style.
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