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    Starting EARLY this time!

    Hi Berries - my youngest was born last March - she is the first my husband and I have together (we were the Brady Bunch before that!) and naming her was a nightmare. I love names and literature and meaning, and my husband vetoed EVERYTHING!! I thought we had settled on Mae Mazarine, but due to some birth complications she was born blue (fine now) and I just couldn't use Mazarine! We went with Arden Mae, which quickly turned into Ardie, which I can't stand! Now we call her Birdie Mae - fits her personality perfectly and she can use Arden if she prefers (and when she's old enough to correct people! )

    We just found out we are expecting again and I'm back to the drawing board. Names I love but have already been vetoed:

    Cordelia, Phaedra, Scarlett, Magnolia, Luella

    Augustus, Olsen, Thayer, Felix, McLean (family name)

    Please help - I'd love some suggestions to get me started!
    Luckiest woman in the world!

    Mom to Logan Hunter, Savanna Nichole, Avonlea Noel and Arden "Birdie" Mae

    Step-mom to Austin Ray, Haley Caroline, Kelsey Suzanne

    and expecting someone else December 19!

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