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    Isolde isn't too crazy. Neither are Lucasta and Cecily, actually. O_o

    Well, crazy in comparison to Richard, Caroline, James, George, Alice and Albert. (and Mary, David, Alfred and Victoria) I mean. I've had SUCH a tight pool of names for the main characters I want to have more fun with these.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! The As is SUCH an annoying thing, but I also had an Amelia, Amrit, Adrian and the Arabella. It was getting too repetitive.

    Beatrix could be cool, but a bit close to Beatrice, and I'm trying to avoid using names of the current British royal family. (And associates, so Cressida is out as well...) Fenella could be good, actually.

    I might have to give them a brother called Swithun, because that's amazing.

    For the record, Lucasta has a daughter Otillie and will also eventually have a son called Montague.

    And I have a Jemima and a Rupert as well. Love those names.
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    Oooh, Rosina made me think of Rosaline. I think that's a winner.

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