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    updated list for baby sister names

    Which of these names would you prefer for a baby sister to Lottie Mim and why?
    Callie/Calleigh nn Cal
    Julia nn Jul/Juju
    Eliza nn Ellie/Liza
    Bridget Bridie/Birdie
    Jolene nn Jo/Jojo
    Lucy nn Lu/Lulu
    Eloise nn Lou (OH is not a fan of Eloise, but loves Lou so maybe he will warm up to it!)

    Suggestions welcome!

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    I love Callie! I also like Eloise. Lucy and Lottie would be a bit too much alliteration for me. Brooke, Bridget, and Eliza seem too serious to go with Lottie.
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    Lucy or Eliza.
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    My favorite is Zoe but I don't think it matches stylistically with Lottie. I like Eloise with Lottie.
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    Although I really like the name Lucy I wouldn't use it with Lottie as a big sister not only for the repeating L beginning but also the 'ee' ending sound... also I adore your first daughters name Lottie Mim is just an exquisite name and therefore needs a wonderful companion name for baby sister.
    My favourite out of your list would be Jolene, it's recognisable but underused, funky and cute and a great little spunky.
    I do like the name Eloise but it's not really grabbing me, in my mind it's not as grand as Lottie Mim.
    I like Julia nn Ju/Juju but I'd personally prefer the name Juliet and that also gives the added bonus of the nn Etta if you wanted.
    I like the nn Birdie so Bridget nn Birdie could work but my ultimate favourite is Jolene nn Jo/Jojo or Lena even.
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