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    The Husband's Top 5! And a question...

    The husband actually gave me his top five! In order of his preference:


    I'm actually rather pleased with it. I knew that the possibility he would warm up to some of my favorites (Felicity, Sylvie, etc.) was a long shot, but I love the names he picked.

    Here's my question (as well as loving to know your thoughts on the above.) Does the fact that we already have an Annabel take Georgiana off the table? Annabel's occasional nickname is Bell. She absolutely refuses to be called Anna or Annie. Most of the time, she is the full Annabel. Were we to have a Georgiana, we would go with either Georgie or Ginny, most likely the latter, for her nickname. Georgiana was the husband's great grandmother, and I love the connection to Pride and Prejudice. All of the names hold personal significance, though. Anyway, what do you think?
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