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    I also, having a connection to the Chinese culture, would never use Phoenix on a boy. The phoenix in China (and some other countries of East Asia) is very much a feminine symbol (as opposed to the male 'dragon' symbol). While the name Phoenix seems like a male name according to my American ear, it feels very very much like a feminine symbol due to my knowledge of East Asian culture. I personally would never use this name (even if I loved it) specifically because of this reason. Even if I personally didn't have a connection to Chinese/East Asian culture, a very large amount of people do, so tons of people will make this Phoenix= 'symbol of female' association (the 1/5 of the world's population who lives in China + the many many others all throughout the world who have connections to this region of the world)
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    I only see Phoenix as usable for a boy. I just don't picture that name on a girl at all, though I have never met one/known of one either. And I think it's an okay name. I'm not crazy about it, but it's not awful.
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    I kind of like it on a boy, but would loathe it on a girl. I'm American, so I think of it as a place name in addition to the mythological bird rising from ashes.

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    I have a daughter named Phoenix Rose, but I definitely think it is usable for a boy. My daughter is Chinese American, so I chose the name to help her keep in touch with her heritage. But for those who are not Chinese, it think it's perfectly fine to use it on a boy.

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    I don't see why Phoenix can't be used on a boy. I have it for one o my list.
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