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    I was thinking about posting a poll asking whether people think Phoenix is best on a boy, a girl or if they consider it truly unisex. I am glad someone kinda of beat me to it.

    I have it on my middle names' list, and contemplated moving it up to my first names' lists. I even asked hubby about it, but he didn't give me a clear answer.

    As a middle name I would use it on either a boy or a girl. As a first name I would only use it on a boy. I do consider it unisex, but it comes across as more masculine than feminine imo and I prefer feminine names for girls. That's just my personal taste.

    I love Phoenix, and will probably end up using it, although I am not sure how yet.

    Phoenix Jasper is handsome.

    I would do;
    Phoenix Darwin
    Phoenix Magnus
    Phoenix Damian

    As a middle name I like:

    Xavier Phoenix
    Magnus Phoenix
    Damian Phoenix
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    Actually one of the things I don't like about Phoenix is that it seems like one of those neo-macho nouveau names like Diesel and Ace. It's technically unisex, but I loathe it on a girl, although it does rank in the top 1000 (still much lower for girls, though.)
    Overall I think it's a good name. I like the sentiment.

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    It definitely reads masculine to me, but I don't care for it generally. It sounds a little try hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by east93 View Post
    I love Phoenix, and I think it's more male than female imo.

    Though, I once heard a child tease a boy name Phoenix by calling him "Penis".
    Love Phoenix Jasper.
    Interesting, but kids will be kids I suppose. Teasing is inevitable no matter what we do. Anyways, I think it's more male than female too but I've also heard it's unisex.

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    I think it's more male than female too.

    I don't really like it on a girl, although it would depend on the girl's personality.

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