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    Phoenix for a boy?

    Is Phoenix usable for a boy? Possible combination would be Phoenix Jasper, but we aren't exactly sure on the MN (except that it will clearly be masculine). Thoughts?
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    I think Phoenix is only usable on a boy. I HATE this name on a girl. I think it's strong, handsome, and I love the ties to the mythological bird that is reborn from it's own ashes. Gorgeous name!

    Phoenix Jasper is a pretty cool combo too ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love Phoenix, and I think it's more male than female imo.

    Though, I once heard a child tease a boy name Phoenix by calling him "Penis".
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    I would never, ever, ever use Phoenix on a boy, but I live in China. In Chinese culture (and I believe in much of East Asian culture), the phoenix represents women. Historically, the phoenix represented the empress, whereas the dragon represented the emperor. So, when Chinese marry, often the woman wears a red qipao with a phoenix pattern, whereas the man wears a jacket with a dragon. Even wedding gifts follow this pattern. Phoenix is also a common character in women's names. There're also the idioms "to hope for one's daughter to become a phoenix", and "to hope for one's son to become a dragon." So, if you think your son will not ever come to East Asia, and will have minimal interactions with East Asians (esp. Chinese), then go for it. Otherwise, I'd caution you against this.
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    I think it works well for a boy and Phoenix Jasper is incredibly handsome. I love that the "traditional" name still isn't super common but a very distinctive alternative should your son ever feel he needs something more mainstream. (Jasper is also one of my all time favorites - it just doesn't meet my tri-lingual requirement as the Ja sounds so different in German, English and Spanish).
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