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    Which middle for Isaac?

    Hi guys (again!). So my fiance said today that he loves Joseph, and his favourite middle name for it is Rainer, so we've got one name finalised as Joseph Rainer is one of my faves at the moment. We want a short list of a few, so we're venturing into the rest of our list! At the moment, we also love Isaac so we've made a short list of middle names that we might use for it. I wrote why we've chosen the name in brackets.

    Isaac Holden (Holden, Catcher in the Rye)
    Isaac Rainer (Rainer Maria Rilke)
    Isaac Twain (Mark Twain)
    Isaac Darcy (Fitzwilliam Darcy, Pride and Prejudice)
    Isaac James (James Dean) - Too predictable? My fiance loves James Dean and we were going to choose Dean but our sons middle name is Cassady after Neal Cassady. The character Dean Moriarty is based off of Neal Cassady so we just figured it would be strange.
    Isaac Steinbeck (John Steinbeck)
    Isaac River (we just love River)
    Isaac David (after my grandfather)

    Which do you prefer? If you have any suggestions, then we'll be happy to hear them. We like literary names or names after people that mean something to us, but it isn't essential!

    Thanks in advance
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    Matthew Cassady: April 14th 2011
    Joseph Rainer: October 20th, 2014
    #3 due October 2017

    Isaac Holden - Henry Winston - Nicholas Archer - Daniel ?

    Eleanor Scout - Alice Harper - Caroline Esme - Elizabeth Austen(?) - Evelyn Beatrice

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    I like Isaac James!
    Lee X

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    I like Isaac James and Isaac River the best! If I had to choose one I'd pick River, it makes the name stand out. Good luck!

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    Isaac River is one of the combinations on my shortlist, so I'm biased, but I think it's beautiful. You have fantastic taste all around!

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