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Thread: Regina

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    I really like Regina. I don't think Mean Girls will be on anyone's radar. Honestly, I had to stop and think about what you were referencing. Also, I don't really see why it would be turned into vagina, as a previous poster said. They don't rhyme. There are very few names I would be deterred from because of potential teasing, anyway. Kids can be cruel, yes, but just because a name is not easily teased does not guarantee the child who has it will be immune from teasing. As the old adage goes, if it's not one thing, it's another. Reggie could be a cute nickname on a girl, too.
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    I like it, I think it's a fun choice!

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    Regina Spektor! Respekt. She's wonderful, quirky and so much fun, so because of her I love the name.
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    I have never seen mean girls, so it has no connection for me there. I think it might be a fun unexpected choice. It does feel slightly dated to me though.

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    I actually thought the name was old and dusty until I saw Mean Girls. That movie actually made the name seem usable and likeable imo. I like it.
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