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    Gems in the family tree

    My grandfathers cousin dropped off my paternal family tree and I was delighted to find a few unusual but interesting girls names:

    Albertine - love! I know my husband would never agree to use it and it doesn't really go with my daughters name but its my new name crush. Personally I had never heard it before.
    Ottofine - not sure I even like it but it intreages me.
    Therin - love but would of thought boy, this lady was born in 1841
    Elvina - with Eve, Ava and Seraphina growing in popularity this could work, but it's not one I'd use
    Dorothea (b 1836) and Doretha (1855) and Doris (1913) perhaps a family name that was ajusted to suit current fashion?

    Any gems in your family tree?

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